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Aux Air Conditioners A New Quality Dimension

Air conditioning is a luxury you can afford.

When buying a new dream house or apartment, most of us take care of the smallest detail of the interior design. We want to create a unique space that not only pleases the eye, but is above all functional and comfortable. In search of inspiration, we look at arrangements that allow you to easily imagine specific color combinations, textures and all other aspects of interior design. The air conditioner is one of the elements, the choice of which for many users is quite a challenge and spends sleep with the eyelids. Often associated with an unsightly block attached to a wall, it can tear down the vision of a perfectly designed room. We can safely say that such a picture of air conditioning is slowly moving into history. Residential air conditioning is becoming the standard, and the range of air conditioning equipment offered is really impressive.

A new dimension of quality Aux air conditioners

The AUX brand in the field of air conditioning does not accept compromises.

The AUX Group, which has been operating on the market since 1986, is one of the leading manufacturers of smart home appliances, mainly air conditioners. The group has 7 modern production bases and 5 R&D centers worldwide. AUX devices are available in more than 100 countries. With continuous investment in research and development, AUX offers competitive, technologically advanced but above all stylistically attractive devices that meet the highest quality standards and European energy efficiency requirements

Rich interior and interesting J-Smart superficiality – perfect combination!

The AUX room air conditioners of the J-Smart and J-Smart ART series impress not only with the original body available in two white and black color variants, but also with advanced technology and the richest range of features in its class. A line dedicated to people who value the combination of sophisticated style and functionality. Stunning, sophisticated design at a world-class level. Aux J-Smart air conditioners have been awarded the prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD in 2019. The iF DESIGN AWARD is recognized internationally as synonymous with excellent design.

White matte or mirror black – which best captures your style?

J-Smart and J-Smart ART Series Aux Air Conditioner

White J-Smart

Air conditioner Aux J-Smart White

The state-of-the-same white matte design adds lightness to the interior and provides a "quiet backdrop" for a subtle and balanced everyday space. The white case with a simple form and matte finish fits well with current design trends. White will be an ideal choice for those who value elegance combined with simplicity. Minimalist interiors bring to mind not only peace and a sense of free space, but also the purity of the form. Minimalism is becoming an increasingly popular trend.

Black J-Smart ART

Air conditioner Aux J-Smart Black Strzelin, Brzeg, Oława, Wroclaw

Black case and original design. The combination of a matte body with a black mirrored surface of the front panel will meet expectations and appeal to even the most demanding users. J-Smart Art air conditioners impress with their sophisticated, modern design. The slim, elegant black case will perfectly complement the décor of any interior.

A wealth of features encased in a beautiful housing.

AUX J-Smart air conditioners – stylish superficiality combines with a rich interior. Designed to take care of our health, comfort, comfort and the environment. We present the most important features of AUX air conditioners.

▪️ Air Ionizer

AUX J-Smart air conditioners – stylish superficiality combines with a rich interior. Designed to take care of our health, comfort, comfort and the environment. We present the most important features of AUX air conditioners.

▪️ PM2.5 Filter

According to the World Health Organisation, prolonged exposure to PM2.5 particulate matter results in a reduction in life expectancy. J-Smart air conditioners are equipped with a PM2.5 filter that catches airborne fine dust particles and removes 99.9% of these contaminants, ensuring clean and healthy air.

▪️ Antibacterial filter

Irreplaceable in the fight against any type of bacteria and pathogenic microbes that are retained on the antibacterial coating placed on the surface of the filter. Thanks to the bactericidal substances found here, their development is inhibited.

▪️ High Density Filter

The air conditioner is equipped with an increased density filter that effectively stops airborne contaminants, including dust and dust particles.

▪️ Environmentally friendly R32 factor and high energy efficiency

With a high-performance compressor with advanced inverter technology and r32 eco-friendly refrigerant, AUX air conditioners achieve the highest energy efficiency parameters. They ensure reliable, efficient operation with low energy consumption. The equipment meets all european Union energy efficiency requirements.

▪️ Night Mode

Automatic temperature control during sleep. During the first two hours of operation in cooling mode, the air conditioner raises the set temperature by 1°C per hour (in heating mode it lowers the temperature at the same rate). For the next 5 hours, it keeps the temperature constant, after which the air conditioner turns off.

▪️ "I FEEL" function

Intelligent temperature reading "I FEEL" for perfect temperature adjustment to indoor conditions.

▪️ Quiet Mode

Extremely quiet operating mode, in which the indoor unit of the air conditioner operates with reduced sound pressure, ensuring optimal conditions without unnecessary noise.

▪️ Heating mode

Heating mode allows you to use the air conditioner all year round, even in colder months. Thanks to the heat pump, the device can heat the air in the room, being an alternative to traditional heating systems.

▪️ Drying mode

In drying mode, the air conditioner lowers the room humidity level to the optimum value by automatically selecting the temperature and airflow volume to achieve the best drying conditions. This prevents the growth of fungi, mold and bacteria.

▪️ Control the air conditioner from anywhere on earth

Easy removal of the lower cover makes it easy to install and service the device, and the patented supply control system and ergonomic shape of the supply blinds ensure optimal air distribution in the room.

▪️ Control the air conditioner from anywhere on earth

Air conditioner Aux J-Smart Black Strzelin, Brzeg, Oława, Wroclaw

The unique popularity of J-Smart series air conditioners is the combination of excellent design, groundbreaking inverter technology and the richest range of features in its class. This model of air conditioners is one of the most interesting proposals in the 2021 season. The J-Smart series air conditioners fit perfectly into the design of any room.

Air conditioner Aux J-Smart award IF Strzelin, Brzeg, Oława, Wroclaw

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