Diamond technique

Drilling with diamond drills in concrete

When making holes in concrete,we use diamond technique. Thanks to this, we are able to make holes with a diameter of 10 – 1200 mm with the highest precision. All this without stroke with low noise and without dust, which is characteristic of classical drilling methods.

Drilling in concrete, aswell as in other materials, made in diamond technique are applicable in the case of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, sanitary and electrical installations.

Diamond drilling is alsoused in the installation of culverts, anchors (pasted, expansion as well as through), columns, barriers and concrete sampling for specialized analysis.

We drill vertically, horizontally,and at any angle.


drilling in concrete

Drilling price list

52 2,50
62 2,60
72 2,70
82 2,80
92 2,90
102 3,20
112 3,40
122 3,50
132 3,70
142 3,90
152 4,00
162 4,50
172 4,80
182 4,90
192 5,00
202 5,50
225 6,00
250 7,00
275 7,50
300 8,00
350 10,00


Drilling and drilling in concrete with diamond technique – application:

  • drilling in the reinforced concrete for electrical installations
  • drilling in bricks and drills in reinforced concrete for the construction of buildings, bridges, reinforced concrete structures
  • drilling in concrete for electric cables
  • drilling in reinforced concrete, drilling punctures, through holes and culverts for installation, drilling of ventilation holes, drilling holes for anchor seating or reinforcement, drilling corner holes for cutting, taking core samples, drilling to determine the thickness of the element
  • drilling in industrial floors
  • drilling in dry concrete
  • diamond drilling of holes and drills in reinforced concrete and industrial floors
  • diamond drilling of holes with a fixed cross-section
  • drilling holes in concrete under anchors in foundations and walls to strengthen the building
  • drilling holes in the reinforced concrete
  • drilling in reinforced concrete
  • concrete wells
  • drilling in the reinforced concrete
  • cutting holes in concrete
  • drilling in industrial floors
  • drilling in bricks
  • drilling in concrete
  • concrete drills for ventilation systems
  • concrete drilling for air conditioning systems
  • concrete drilling for water systems, etc.
  • sampling.

The use of this technique is used in the creation of a road for electrical, gas, water, sewerage, heating and ventilation ducts in walls and ceilings. We also use this method for the installation of anchors (pasted and through) or culverts.

Drilling and drilling in industrial floors with diamond technique – advantages:

  • short duration of the work performed while maintaining a level and smooth surface
  • reduction of shocks
  • low noise and vibration
  • work in hard-to-reach places – all with a high level of safety.

When working in many cases, we use water, thanks to which we reduce the amount of dust produced. Thanks to modern machines of renowned companies, we are able to make wells (drills) with a diameter of 10 – 350mm with great accuracy. These holes can be drilled from different angles, both vertically and horizontally and at different depths, thanks to specialized extensions.