Why and is it worth installing a Heat Pump? Security.

Why and whether it is worth installing the Pump
Warmth in the house? Safety!

The first, and perhaps the most important thing that prompts us to replace the heat source is SAFETY.


A heat pump is currently the safest way to heat homes. With pumps there is no risk of getting into place, we do not have to worry about the tightness of the chimney. There are many more advantages.

Let's look at refrigerants in terms of toxicity and flammability of the refrigerant:

Construction of the Panasonic heat pump outdoor unit
Construction of the Panasonic heat pump outdoor unit
Panasonic indoor unit
Construction of the Panasonic heat pump indoor unit

The still used "old" factor R410A belongs to category A1, so it is a low-toxic and non-flammablefactor. Factors of this group have the least requirements for the rooms in which the device will work.Non-flammable refrigerants such as R410Aor R134a can be used in SPLIT heat pumps in installations with higher filling and in external MONOBLOCKS without restrictions.

Factors The "new" R32,which replaces R410A in some models, is a factor from the group of low-toxicbut moderately flammableagents. According to EN 378, in a closed room, the maximum amount of refrigerant used in the device has been limited to 1.842 kg. This limitation is due to the need to ensure a safe concentration of the agent in the room in the event of leakage. The filling limit translates into the achievable heating power of the device.Refrigerating agents R32, R452B and R1234- can be used in MONOBLOCKS without restrictions, but in SPLITS only in devices with filling < 1,842 kg.


ProPAN natural refrigerantsare A3 gas, not toxic,but it is an easily flammableand even explosive agent.  Therefore, according to EN 378 in a closed room, its amount in the device must not exceed 152 g, which quite strongly narrows the achievable heating power of heat pumps. For this reason, heat pumps in which propane is the refrigerant are usually external devices in the form of MONOBLOCKS,where there are no restrictions on filling. However, you should not be afraid of the work of these devices.The amount of refrigerant in the system is small, and the standard of workmanship guarantees full operational safety. Devices filled with this refrigerative enable work with a higher supply temperature, also being used in the modernization of heating installations.

Source: www.globenergia.pl and www.polskiinstalator.com.pl


Yes, it is worth choosing a heat pump, because it is safe to use.

Soon the heating season will begin, and with it with standard heating there will be problems:
– where, for how much and what calorific value to buy fuel (coal, had, gas, etc.),
– prepare places for storing fuel,
– carry out maintenance of the most important elements of the furnace, eliminate any leaks to prevent lurking dangers(chad, uncontrolled explosion, chimney leakage, etc.).All this must be completed before winter to feel relatively safe.

Heat pump – why is it worth it? Already know?

If you are not yet completely convinced, read more …

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